Frustrated with the Exchange-Marketplace? We have Good News for you!

Frustrations are mounting as individuals and families attempt to check out the State and Federal "Exchange-Marketplace"!

If you have tried, but have given up because:

  • The website was down
  • You didn't want the hassle of creating a login
  • You didn't want to provide all of your personal and financial information just to view the plans
  • You wanted more information about what the exchange means to you before providing information

You’re in luck! Our new individual and family web portal is fully operational ~ and you do not have to provide personal information just to view the available plans and pricing! myAmCare provides an easy link to plans in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Instant Quote

***Remember: Health Plans INSIDE the exchange are also available OUTSIDE the exchange and THE RATES are the SAME.

(Update - Unfortunately, United Healthcare has decided to only offer their Maryland Individual Plans INSIDE the exchange-Marketplace. Pennsylvania plans continue to be offered both INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the exchange.)

So, why myAmCare? We think you need a single place where you can get current information to understand your health insurance options.

But first, here are a few promises we make to you:

  • We NEVER charge you a fee!  Never!
  • We provide no-OBLIGATION quotes!
  • We don’t CONTACT you unless you ask us to!
  • We always put your needs first.
  • We can help you INSIDE the “Marketplace” (Exchange).
  • We can help you OUTSIDE the Marketplace.

We are available by phone or email – whichever works best for you.

800.884.0386 or

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